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Option three is Foreplay, this is where things really start to heat up and get personal.

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She seems so natural, so very believable, every sentence she utters every moan and groan of pleasure she lets out makes you feel your right there with her.

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She connects with the camera from the off making you feel at ease and privileged to be in her company, her strong confident yet warm and playful personality shines through like a beacon.

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This is your chance to take control and the options are endless.

Description: My own personal favourite though, and yes I have seen them all!


  1. great video so much better than the fake pornos that are set up love her look can look that good with no make up

  2. Lmao "I have to go to work but i have a boner" best plot progression 10/10

  3. the second ebest japanese actrice juste after aika yumeno (the one in the second scene the other i dont know^^ )