Mermaid sexual position

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Lie faceup at the edge of a bed, desk, or countertop. Place a pillow under your butt to get some elevation. Extend your legs straight up, keeping them close together.

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Mermaid I'm tired of making love in the bedroom? So, it's time to learn the kitchen! Put a pad on the table; sit on the table so that the bag is under your buttocks.

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The Mermaid sex position can increase her chances of reaching orgasm by stimulating the G-spot. This allows both parties to maintain the pose for a longer time, without putting pressure on your body. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

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The man lies on his back with legs slightly bent at the knees and throws them wide apart. The woman lies on top of her partner, the legs are pressed and slightly bent at the knees, with her hands she holds her calves and lifts a bit her body to the legs, so she is sitting on the floor. Your email address will not be published.

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The mermaid is a sex position that allows for deep penetration via front entry. To get into this position, the receiving partner lies on their back on the edge of a table, desk, or counter top with their legs straight up in the air. The penetrating partner stands to enter the receiving partner.

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The mermaid position is the man on top position similar to the yawning position with the difference that the partners perform it on the table — may be the kitchen table of appropriate size or office desk. This kind of positions offer the partners to have sex away from the boring bedroom to add that little more missing spice to their sex life, as they can move out of the bedroom to the study room or may be to the kitchen to fulfil their fetishist desires. Male counterpart is standing and he penetrates the female from the front and raises her legs upright to face the ceiling.

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Remember Me. Your vagina forms a tight ring, providing lots of O-mazing friction for both of you From ethereal-looking toast toppings and smoothie bowls to mermaid hair and nails, these mythical creatures wriggled their way into every aspect of our lives — including the bedroom in the form of a sex position.

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Sex counts as a workout. As much as we'd love to hit the bedroom in lieu of the gym, we actually don't burn as many calories during sex as we think trust me, I even put my Fitbit to the test. But if you level up on difficulty, we think you may be able get away with calling it strength training. Test your strength and endurance in more ways than one with the nine positions below!

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The mythology of mermaid sex is as mysterious as the majestic sea-creature itself. How does one have sex with these alluring beings of the sea? We attempt to answer the love riddle out with a little help from pop culture.

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Includes our standard license. Add an extended license. Images Photos Illustrations Vectors Video. Kama sutra sexual pose The Mermaid.


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